January 12, 2017

Your Digital Will – Keeping Your Personal Details Up to Date

Once it was simply a matter of keeping up with the Joneses.

Not anymore. We live in ever changing times and a little housekeeping of our personal details is becoming more and more a necessity.

Think about this – Jim passes away suddenly. Sad though it always is to hear of someone’s passing, spare a thought for those left behind to clean up Jim’s mess. Jim didn’t have an up to date Will, but Jim also didn’t keep in a safe and central location all those annoying things like passwords for computer programs, banks accounts, etc.

So who gets to sort out the mess? That is, of course, if the mess can be sorted out.

We hear tales of woe about people not being able to access bank accounts, computer programs and other confidential information when all of this could have been so easily taken care of.

So, let’s get real. You MUST have an up to date Will to make sure that your loved ones are protected and you MUST also have a ‘digital will’. A ‘digital will’ is simply an easy way to keep all your personal IT, banking and personal details secure and available to your loved ones in the event that something unforeseen happens. Just follow the link below and take the time to consider your position and whether or not a ‘digital will’ can cover off on one of the areas which is always a concern on someone’s passing.

Preparing a Digital Will for Your Passwords – LastPass